Casuarina Shopping Centre invited The Exhibitionist to design a Christmas theme that was unique to Darwin. Sandbar cricket, is a famous fun day for the entire family in Darwin, actually its right in the middle of Darwin harbour!  The Sandbar, off Cullen Bay is an iconic destination for locals during the big tides. At low tide it presents as the perfect cricket pitch for a match




This is where the Exhibitionist drew it’s inspiration for the unique and very popular Darwin Santa Set. The photo shows the finished set with the large cape cod deck chair where Santa sat and gave out presents to the children. Set amongst large sand sculptures, Santa was extremely popular with kids and adults alike. Sand sculptured crocodiles added to the unique Territory look and feel.


A large Christmas present designed by a local indigenous artist was created as an interactive touch and feel tactile interactive display, for a competition giveaway. Two social media movies were produced showing the finished product and the making of the set.