Exhibitions Displays & events

Exhibitions Displays & events


Make your event a success with us! As experienced and trusted exhibition designers, we supply our clients with custom floor plans in any venue in the Northern Territory. We oversee installation, exhibitors, sponsors, graphic design, printing, facilities and advertising. We love a challenge and enjoy building custom displays to bring foot traffic to your booth.

custom builds
custom designing

Outdoor events


We create and install outdoor events no matter how big or small. Our lighting specialists bring your outdoor display/event to life. All custom built inhouse saving you time and money.

What we offer

•   Expo Panel Scheme
•   Octanorm Scheme
•   Themed Events
•   Shell Schemes
•   Expo Booths
•   Custom Expo Booths
•   Poster Boards
•   Power and Lighting
•   Booth Signage & Printing
•   Booth Displays
•   Hire Furniture
•   Traveling displays