Casuarina Square Easter


We are excited to share one of our recent Easter event projects created for Casuarina Square. The main attraction of this event was the ‘Easter Maze’, a custom built maze to fit perfectly in an allocated area. Visitors walked through the maze and had to find all the hidden letters and guess the secret word for the chance to win a prize. Hidden fun facts were also placed throughout the maze for visitors to discover. To add more vibrance and charm, the maze was filled with all kinds of decorations like flowers, vines, floor decals and Easter cutouts. Using our CNC router we cut plywood into various Easter-themed shapes and fixed them to the walls and wooden pallets. All the decals were printed in-house using our wide-format printers. The most popular decoration was the custom built wobbly mirrors, that added an element of playfulness to the experience.


An Easter photo set was designed and constructed by our team that was placed near the cinemas. It ended up being so popular that people were lining up eager to get their photos taken inside. Another huge attraction for the Shopping Centre was our Easter Train that was designed and built all in-house at our warehouse. The free train rides ran throughout the school holidays. Overall the Easter displays at Casuarina were a huge success, as they engaged a very enjoyable experience to all ages who visited the Centre!